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The next wave - Visions

Corum: The Coming of Chaos
Date: 2008-01-09 20:57
Subject: The next wave
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I finished reading NextWave: Agents of Hate v2 graphic novel / trade paperback / collection of comics tonight. I had to immediately get online and tell you all that if you at all like the Marvel universe and the superhero world, you should not try the NextWave books.

If you like seeing superhero concepts humorously (that is British humo"u"r) kicked in the keister, you should try it.

Two trades for twelve issues worth of a complete story of comic gut-busting psychotic goodness featuring the writing of Warren Ellis and the art of Stuart Immonen.

Go now. Buy it. Read. Laugh, hacking away until you cough up a lung. Enjoy.

Still reading? Fine. I leave you without broccoli clones, razor sharp Stephen Hawking robots, giant-headed Elvises, mindless minions skateboarding in a dance number, and Prozac laced ice cream.
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